Cabin Rentals

South Cabin (Sleeps 4)

The South Cabin at Cox’s ponds is recently remodeled. With a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and sitting area, it is the perfect cabin for a weekend getaway.

South Cabin Amenities:

  • Furnished Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Satellite TV (Dish)
  • Full Refrigerator w/ Freezer
  • Running Water
  • 1 Full Size Bed and 2 Twin Beds

North Cabin (Sleeps 2)

The North Cabin boasts a lot of rustic charm. Most often, this cabin is rented to provide supplementary lodging for those renting the South Cabin.

South Cabin Amenities:

  • Large Porch with Swing
  • One Room
  • Large Dining Table
  • Wood Burning Stove
  •  Air Mattress


Call Jeannine at 308-882-5731 to check availability and rental rates. (Evenings are the best time to call.)